The Albanian-Canadian Community Association of Toronto Holds Election

Last month the Albanian-Canadian Community Association of Toronto held its elections at the Oakwood Village Public Library in Toronto on Sunday January 27, 2013, and wow – what an incredible turn out with over 80 verified members. The event included honorary members of the board, the current executive committee at the time, new candidates for the executive committee, media and most important the general members of the Association. With that said, we’d like to extend a big thank you to all that attended.
The morning started with a greeting from Secretary of ACCA, Mr. Roland Lelaj, followed by a presentation from President Dr. Ruki Kondaj and Treasurer Mrs. Arta Tafaj outlining the activities and financial health for the Association over the past two years respectively. The schedule also allowed for a Q&A session for attendee questions and feedback.
The afternoon proceeded with elections as in accordance with the statute adopted on May 17, 2012. This years elections were particularly exciting because for one of the first times, there was a young vibrant group of individuals listed as candidates for the executive committee.
At the end of the day, a 13 member executive committee was elected consisting of both old and new members. These newly elected members went on to promote Dr.Ruki Kondaj with the duties of a returning President via secret ballot which became publicly announced once the results were confirmed. Once again, thank you to all of you who showed interest in the Albanian-Canadian Community Association.

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